Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wheat grains pudding / genhu kheer

I have two whole wheat grain recipes which I am posting here and sending to an event on Suma's blog.  (Check this link) Also check Priya's blog here
Genhu Kheer / Wheat grains dessert
1 cup wheat grains soaked overnight and pressure cooked for one whistle
1 litre milk
handful of nuts and raisins
1 tsp ghee
4 tsps jaggery

Heat the milk and bring it to a boil. add the cooked wheat grains and simmer till mixture thickens. Mash some wheat grains with the back of your ladle to check if they are cooked, it also helps in giving the pudding a thicker consistency. Remove from stove.
Heat the ghee, add the nuts and raisins, and add to the pudding along with jaggery or sugar.  I think it tasted best with jaggery, you also need to adjust the taste because the wheat grains have a slight sweetness of their own. Savor warm or cold.

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  1. I am sure this must be a healthy and delectable kheer. Thanks for choosing to send this over to my event.