Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Strawberry jam in the instant pot

Strawberry jam in the instant pot- Red for the Valentine's Day !!
We roughly followed this recipe- 

honey =3/4 the weight of strawberries (we added a bit more than half)

Kept the strawberries and honey on saute mode till honey was liquefied and bubbling. Then cancel, select 2 mins on manual and close lid. Let the instant pot release pressure naturally after hitting cancel. Check the jam and let it saute for some time- about 10-12 mins.That's it !

Paneer makhanwala / paneer buttermasala

Cooking from my blog-
Chhole or Chana masala - https://ambrotos.blogspot.com/2011/04/chhole-masala.html

Beetroot tikkis -

Paneer makhanwala-
It is surprising this recipe is still not on my blog. However I have found a very easy way to make this!


I skipped the kashmiri red chilli and honey (heated honey is not good I believe) and I did not have kasoori methi so that too. But the recipe is so easy to follow. I think the gravy can be used for chicken and other veggies too !