Monday, March 21, 2011

Beetroot idlis- pink on the lips of my lover!

Beetroot has a whole lot of benefits, it is rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamins and betacyanin, the pigment which gives beets its color, is an antioxidant. But who likes beet?!

I had a few beets lying around. I didn't want to add them to the sambar, because it would take away the color of the greens I was using there. I added them to my idlis and got a lovely color.

I am sending this recipe to Think Pink hosted by Maison Also check Meeta's Monthly Mingle page.

My recipe for beetroot idlis-
For idli batter-
1 cup rice flour
1 cup rava
1 cup curd
1 cup water

Mix all the above ingredients and keep aside for an hour.

You will need later-
2 tsps baking soda / fruit salt (Eno)
salt to taste

Meanwhile, prepare beetroots-
1 medium sized beet- Grate and pressure-cook for one whistle.

Grease your idli plates, to the batter, add the cooked beetroots, salt and baking soda. Pour spoonfuls into the idli plate and steam idlis.

Serve hot with Sambar or chutney.

I think the color would be better if the beets are ground.

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  1. I've had idlis in Indian restaurants and they're delightful. Never seen a beetroot version but I bet it works really well. Thanks for joining in with the Monthly Mingle!