Monday, March 21, 2011

Thandai recipe (minus the bhaang)

Holi  in Bihar is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm or it used to be like that maybe when we were kids. The Holika dahan or the bonfire is lit on phalgun poornima. I still remember the holika dahan in Lalbagh Colony, Bhagalpur. Mummy used to prepare delicacies from as early as a week before- rava and coconut laddoos, shakarparas and nimkis. And then there were mouthwatering dishes made on the day of Holi- dahi bade, puas, kathal / jackfruit veggie, pooris. As kids we would wear our new clothes in the evening, after spending 3-4 hours cleaning the colors! We would go to all our friends' houses and smear abeer on each other, and at the elders' feet. And at one such friend's place, we were given bhang wali thandai :) Bhaiya said don't have it, but Chandan and I did, almost about a glass full :)

Holi in Bihar is incomplete without bhang wali thandai. But do you have a choice when you are in Bangalore, and when you are breastfeeding?

I have a whole lot of almonds. My parents send me dry fruits for every occasion. This seemed like a good way to celebrate holi and consume almonds- I think this must be the only way I like them!

Our recipe for thandai-
15 almonds
2 tsp saunf
3 tsp poppy seeds / khuskhus
2 cardamom pods (can add more, I don't like their taste much)
2 tsp peppercorns

Soak all the above ingredients overnight. If you like, remove the peels from the almonds. I kept them (Almond peels are a good source of fiber, and also contain antoxidants) Grind everything together to a smooth paste.

To make thandai- (for 2 glasses)
You need-
3 tablespoons sugar
1.5 glasses of water
1/2 a glass of cold milk
Crushed ice if you prefer

Soak the sugar and the water before hand (I don't have the patience to stir to dissolve it) Mix 2 large tablespoons of the almond paste, milk and ice. Combine well.

almond paste
sherbet / thandai
The above paste is good for making 6-8 glasses.

This is my entry to Gayathri's Walking through the memory lane.

And I will wait for another year to celebrate holi with puas I make for Yashi.. Man, I so miss my childhood..

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