Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some thoughts

I am thinking about my parents in Bhagalpur. I have to also write something for an on-line newspaper from there, Angvani. I am also reminiscing days from my childhood, the festival of Holi, so many colors, fear of the colors not going away, the sweets, new clothes and the festivity.. yashi would never get a feel of all that in Bangalore :-( now that thought is the most depressing..

I am in half a mind to take a flight to Patna for a week but who will take care of niket here..

I am also thinking of what will happen to my work life..i plan to resign in a day or so. It is not possible to leave yashi. I can't leave her on an unknown person with no one else at home!

The new excitement in my life is my blog. I have a few new recipes to try. Someone tell me what are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds called in hindi? I want to try something that uses fresh oranges- our Indian variety, in baking.

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