Monday, March 14, 2011

Baked samosas

Samosas are Niket's favorite snack. I had tried them quite a long time back but never got around to retrying or posting them. This time I made them again, with a different recipe and even clicked good pics (Atleast I did better than quite a few other pics, see!)

My recipe-

Whole wheat flour
Oil - 2 tbsp
Pinch of baking soda

Make a tight dough and keep aside.

2 medium Potatoes boiled and mashed
1 cup grated Carrots
1 cup peas
Capsicum 1 medium sized chopped
1 onion chopped / spring onions - 1 cup
1 tsp each of coriander, all spice and turmeric powder
Cumin / ajwain - 1 tsp for tempering
Oil for cooking

1 tsp of whole coriander will make the stuffing tastier, I didn't have any. Also some ajwain / carom to the dough will make it all the more delicious

Heat oil in a kadahi. Temper the cumin and add onions. Fry till they turn pink. Add peas, capsicum and carrots, cook covered. Now add the dry spices and fry a bit. Cook till the veggies are done. Add the potatoes and mix well. fry for a couple of mins and remove from stove, let cool.

From your dough, cut into 10-12 portions. Roll out into chapatis, cut them into semicircles. Form a cone and fill in the stuffing with spoonfuls, sealing the side with a little water. Repeat with all portions of dough.

Brush each samosa with oil. Put them into the oven at 180 deg, making them stand on their base. This way you wouldn't have to turn them midway. Bake till they turn brown, it takes about 25-30 mins.

Serve hot with ketchup.

Sending this to AWED Indian Cuisine hosted by Umm Check DK's page as well.
Indian cuisine would be incomplete without samosas!

This is also going to Fast food not fat food, even though it is not really fast, it is one of the hot selling ones! I am also going to send another one here soon!

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  1. very yummy looking samosas - Thanks for entering to my event! _ Look forward to more from you in the coming events as well - :)