Friday, February 4, 2011

Restaurant review- Veekes and Thomas , JP Nagar

Veekes and Thomas , JP Nagar

I read about this place on Shruti Vishwanathan's blog ( She also writes reviews for Deccan Herald)
She mentions that this place is not uch of a restaurant and warns not to visit this place in groups of more than 4. She also mentioned that they deliver in places upto 2 kms from JP nagar and they are very ecofriendly in their packaging. The food had rave reviews and I decided to place an order with
them when our cook ditched us.
When I read their menu online and called them, (Check them up here) I was almost drooling into the phone and hoping with crossed fingers that they would deliver in Jayanagar 8 Block! I was so glad they did :)
Their food is fingerlicking good if you dare eat Italian with hands! I have tried the following from their menu (and I am waiting to try some more)..

Chicken salami and oyster mushroom crostini (a bit bland )
Mince meat crostini (I am not much of a meat fan but this was definitely yummy!)

Broken Mustard pasta (and as they claim it to be, with the pungency of mustard definitely Bengali in taste)
Cilantro chicken in white sauce (Did you know that cilantro is nothing but green dhania? The chicken is spicy and sets off very well with the cheesy white sauce of the penne pasta)

Shepherd pie (Mince chicken topped with cheesy mashed potatoes. Mouth watering)
Chicken Lasagna ( nothing compared to shepherd pie but worth a try)

Chicken Stroganoff (Too many herbs in this one I think)
Chicken Piccatta (Chicken breast cooked in wine sauce. Beauty, You have my word for this one)

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