Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peas and carrot Kurma

I chanced upon this event, Decided to give it a try. I use my microwave quite a bit to make pulavs, carrot halwa etc, but haven't made curries in it too much. This is what I tried-

Peas and carrot Kurma

1 cup peas
1 cup shredded carrot
1 potato cubed
1 cup paneer small cubes
1 onion and 1 tomato chopped
oil for cooking, 1 tsp tempering, 1 tsp each of turmeric,coriander and garam masala or allspice, ginger garlic paste
1 cup milk
1 tsp cashew almond paste

In a microsafe dish, add oil, chopped onion and ginger garlic paste. Heat for a couple of mins. Now add tomatoes and heat again for another couple of minutes. Mash the tomatoes with your spatula to get a curry like texture. Now add all the veggies and heat for 5 mins. stir in between. Add the dry spices and continue for 3 more mins. Now add milk and paneer and the paste. Keep coooking for 5 more mins. Turn off micro and allow to stand for 5 mins. serve with rotis.

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  1. That's a quick dish.thanks for sending it to the event!..Since you do make quite a few mw dishes, hope to see your entries more..:)