Thursday, February 10, 2011

Khajur me atke :(

On my birthday, Niket bought me a sony vaio E series. We got it with a licensed Windows 7. Niket is an open source enthusiast and loves to experiment with different OS. Now Vaio turned out to be his laboratory! The wifi card was not compatible with our Linksys router. The connection would drop every second, and it became so annoying that I would surf the net on my phone and stay away from the laptop. This same problem was there even when i worked on windows 7.
Finally, after experimenting with several OS, now my vaio has Gentoo and looks to be working fine! Niket is still configuring it since it hangs a bit when I play videos for Yashi. He tried Ubuntu, Mac OSX and FreeBSD/PCBSD, Chakra and yet to try-Archlinux.
There are 2 worlds. BSD world and the Linux World. The wifi chip AR9285 has very poor support in the Linux world. It is very unstable but offers great Intel HD graphics support. In the BSD world,there is great AR9285 support (better than the speed you would get on Windows 7), but sucky support for graphics. The worst part is the BSD guys are snobbish, they think they are better than Linux and on Forums they are sort of looking down upon Intel graphics card and do not wish to solve the problem. The good thing about Linux guys is that they are trying to solve the wifi chip AR9285 problem. Now let us see what my Sony Vaio finally gets!

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