Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papa john's pizza!

If it is pizza, it has to be Papa John's!
I didn't know about them, we were introduced to them through Niket's colleague, Aishwarya. We tried it once and after that one time, we became huge fans!
Their garlic Parmesan bread sticks are to die for. They also serve baked chicken strips for starters, which are really tasty. They serve the garlic sauce separately, but if you don't keep a watch, you can end up eating a lot of it! Their thin crusts pizzas are awesome. They always have some offers for their regular customers. If for some reason, you don't like the food they deliver at your place (we once had a case of burnt pizza), they are very prompt in giving you a replacement.
Their 4th Block outlet has good service and they are highly recommended!
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  1. They do honestly have the best pizza. We have been to lots of Papa John's in our travels too and they are all just as awesome. Now have them online so when we are in a strange city we can find out where they are to order online and just go and pick-up for our road-trip meal.