Monday, February 7, 2011

Corner house!

Niket surprised me by yielding to my requests of having chocolatey stuff at cornerhouse and whats more he ate more than half of it! We didn't want ice cream cos it might affect Yashi. They gave us cake fudge with hot chocolate sauce! Not as good as Death by chocolate, but still good! We didn't get it packed home cos Yashi was asleep. So we sat at a table and finished it in 2 mins flat! Reminded me of the time Bhaiya was here and we went there after dinner.
I got this book- a thousand splendid suns by hosseini but it doesn,t have the spark that kite runner did :( I always wanted to read it but my friends warned me against it. I couldn't stop myself though when I spotted the book in the library. The book gives you an insight into the lives of Afghan women who have suffered and endured since the times of the Taliban.

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