Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rajdhani at Central, JP Nagar vs Rajdhani at Value Mall, Whitefield

I have been a big fan of Rajdhani and all such Gujarati thalis from my days in Mumbai. I first heard of Rajdhani through Manoj who stays in Marathalli. We decided to go since all of us have a big appetite. It is not worth going to such places if you don't. We prepare for this since morning, eat a light breakfast and lots of water!
We were delighted when we heard it is opening up at Central too, which is a stone's throw from where we live currently. But we were in for a disappointment :(
Rajdhani @ VM scores for being nicely lit and lots of space, excellent service (There is not a second lost when you ask for something and the guy turning up next to your table!, yummy food (the menu is diferent every week in all Rajdhanis, but this scores over Rajdhani @ Central because they always serve pooris, food quality I felt is also better)
Rajdhani @Central JP Nagar has an excellent location and lots of people come to this place too. But the 2-3 times that I have gone there, I have felt it loses out on a couple of things. First is space- it looks really cramped, there are too many tables and not enough space to move. Light isn't enough too. For a restaurant where people come with families and kids, their ambience needs to get better.  There have been times when they have not served pooris for lunch (Why else would I go to Rajdhani, I can have rotis at home too) :(
With my experiences at both these places, we have decided to stick to visiting their VM outlet only.
We visited them on 1st Feb with Yashi and totally enjoyed the food. They served chikkoo halva for dessert :) Yummy!

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  1. You would need to come to Mumbai to taste Gujju food better than Rajdhani.... expensive proposition?

  2. Yes I agree too Munjal. Infact I rem eating at one such place- Status. It was a good experience, esp the small LCD screens in the loo!!