Saturday, February 12, 2011

Makhana kheer

I dont know what makhana is in english, fellow bloggers please help! It is quite popular in the darbhanga and muzaffarpur belt in bihar. My husband is a huge fan of makhana kheer and you can make him do anything if you give him this. We usually make a low cal version. The original has makhanas fried in ghee and then simmered in milk till milk volume is halved, then fried cashews and lots of sugar is added!

Our (my MIL taught me this) version-
Roast makhanas for a few minutes. The makhanas will become harder and make hollow sounds while roasting. This shows they are done. Let it cool.
Pulse them for a few mins in the food processor.
To make kheer-
Put milk for boiling. Separate one bowl while its lukewarm. Take the makhana powder and mix in the lukewarm milk. Add this to the boiled milk. Roughly, 1 cup powder for 1 litre milk. Let it simmer for a few minutes. It will be flowy but thickens when it cools down.
Add sugar (jaggery doesnt taste good with this) and broken cashews and raisins. Serve cold only!

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  1. Euryale ferox (also known as fox nut, foxnut, makhana, or gorgon plant)