Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Secret Santa at Ibexi and msg ibexi

Secret Santa is a popular holiday game. In this game, members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. The Secret Santa tradition encourages gift exchange in groups whose members are not close enough to participate in the alternative tradition of giving presents.

We decided to play this game in Ibexi Bangalore office, to help people of msg ibexi and Ibexi bond together. The main purpose was just to know our colleagues better and end the year on a fun filled note! The game was organized by some of us (Charu, Lakshmi, Ruchi, Arpita, Rachna and I)
The rules and regulations were briefed to everyone. A bowl full of names of Ibexi and msg employees was sent out where everyone picked one chit. The remaining were shared between HR and Admin. 

Rules and Regulations-
  • Each person is Secret Santa for a colleague in office. 
  • You are not supposed to reveal to anyone the name of the person you are a Secret Santa of!
  • The person will have to guess the name of his/her Secret Santa on 23rd December 
  • You are responsible for buying a gift for the person (whose name you selected by picking up the chit in the bowl)
  • Gifts are to be sponsored by you only.No reimbursements! :) Gifts can include  bookmarks, chocolates, colored pen, a poster of his/her favorite cricketer etc. Simple and inexpensive gifts only. 
  • Cost of gift(minimum Rs – 20 max- Rs 50) 
  • On Friday(23rd December) morning please place a gift near the Christmas tree in office for the person you are Secret Santa for along with a hint/riddle about yourself .This will make it easier for the person to guess his/her Secret Santa.
  • On 23rd Dec we all will open our gifts and try and guess who our Secret Santa was.(each person will get 2 chances to guess his/ her Secret Santa) 
The Secret Santa Finale was being held on 23rd December when we planned to have a small get together and  also a closing ceremony for the Secret Santa game :)

On 22nd Dec, we sent out an email to get people excited about the next day. We urged everyone to put in some thought and a bit of effort and get the gifts ready. 

On 23rd Dec, people were supposed to be dressed in Christmas colors - Red or green or white. The whole office looked lovely and festive. Even Yashi was dressed in red :)

At 5pm, we met near the Christmas tree. Charu picked each gift and read the person's name for whom the gift was marked and then the riddle. People tried to guess, some got it right, some didn't. But it was good fun :) with lots of laughs and giggles. Here's a collage-

Later, we had some plum cake and snacks. Yashi played secret Santa for Pash and got a huge dairy milk silk from him :)

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