Friday, December 9, 2011

ARS F for Fruit Curries roundup and winners!!

I am really sorry for procrastinating this post until now. I have been caught up with a lot of things on my personal front and did not find much time to blog. I made half this post and it had been pending since mid Nov!! Anyhow now let's move on to the roundup.

I am thankful to Charitha (whose blog link is taking us elsewhere WTF!) for this opportunity.

Here's the roundup-

Jaleela sent me Lemon Honey Nuts fruit salad

Akhila from Torview has sent an innovative recipe- Tomato jam.

Vaidehi sent in Sweet pineapple pulav which is her Mom's recipe and submission. Check out her blog which has 3 contributors, her mom, aunt and Vaidehi herself.

Nutan has sent Pineapple Menskai. Pineapple fits really well in all our dishes!

This spicy Raw banana curry is Amina's creation!

Tangy raw mango gravy from PJ's kitchen looks to be a keeper!

Then there is Navratan Korma from Dee's kitchen, which is my favorite!

Poonam has sent in Keri ki laungee - sweet and sour just like the flavors of life itself!

Kaveri's pullisery which is a popular Kerala dish, her version has ripe plaintains. Check it out!

Raw banana stir fry sent by Sravani looks delish.

Nivedita from Eat right has sent Apple Menasakai. Looks innovative!

Sumee has sent Pineapple menasakai.

Swati Sapna has sent Raw Papaya and Mustard Curry. Mustard in gravy is totally yummy!

Christy Gerald from My Kitchen Flavors has sent these entries-

Palak Pineapple Curry (and Christy's list ends here finally! Phew)

Priya Mahadevan from Now Serving sent 5 more recipes!! I bet you wouldn't have heard about these!

With that, ends thisroundup! I am really sorry to keep you all waiting for it. I hope I have not missed anyone, if I have please let me know and I will update the post.

Now for the much awaited part- Winners!!

The prizes go to-
For The most innovative recipe-

This one was tough! I shortlisted Sweet Pineapple Pulav , Orange Chicken and Nivedita's Apple Menasakai 

But I think Orange chicken from Christy's My Kitchen Flavors deserves it!!


 The recipe with the best pic goes to Poonam from Kishmeesh for Keri Kee Laungee (Raw Mango Curry)

(Drum rolls) Congratulations to the winners!! Now all you have to do is send me your address with a pic which you would like on the collage mug! 


  1. OMG.....I can't beleive that amma's recipe is one of your top ones. Thanks Richa. Guess what...even before I read your round up, I thought the Orange Chicken sounded really interesting and I first checked that recipe :-) Kudos....!

  2. Thanks Vaidehi for participating and making this event a success!!

  3. nice roundup... really amazed by the fabulous innovative recipes sent by all... congratulations to the winners...

  4. OMG....Thankyou once again .... So very Much to Dearest Richa .... :-)
    I mean i just cant beleive this( it was from first few of my casual clicks).....i won ( my recipe) for best pic.... ~ooh la la :-)
    Thankyou Friends :-) and Congratulations to Christy and all the participants for interesting recipes.

  5. delicious looking curries looks wonderful
    lovely roundup

  6. hey! i cannot see my entry in here :( It was a traditional Andhra recipe - Raw papaya curry in a spicy mustard sauce -

  7. Thanks a lot Ambrosia for rewarding my recipe 'Orange Chicken'.I'm glad to receive the information. Will be sending my address soon.Thanks again.

  8. Thanks a lot Poonam and Congrats to U too.