Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot curry leaves and tomato chutney

An easy to make chutney with tomatoes and curry leaves, which makes a good addition to any meal!

Cabbage Poriyal and Curry leaves chutney
Tomato - 4 Nos chopped roughly
Curry leaves - 1 small bowlful
green chillies - 4
1 small piece fresh ginger
1 tsp Mustard
1 tsp Oil
salt to taste

Heat oil in a micro-safe dish, add mustard. Cook for a few secs. Add tomatoes, ginger, curry leaves, chillies and cook till the raw smell of tomatoes is gone. (I cooked for 3-4 mins on 100% power) Let cool.
Add salt and grind to a smooth paste.

This is going to two events-
Dish it out- Tomato and chillies

Flavors of the South


  1. Lovely chutney... looks delicious..:) Thanks for sending it for the event dear..

  2. wow both recipe are delicious...luks tempting.