Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poori halwa for dinner

poori, halwa and cabbage veggie
Yesterday was one of those days when you crave for good food someone else cooks for you.. I didn't have anyone to cook for me though. We were hungry at 7pm. What better to have a good early dinner! I made pooris, cabbage veggie and halwa.

Recipe for besan halwa-
2 cups gram flour / besan
1/2 cup jaggery / sugar
3-4 tbsp ghee / oil
2 cups milk / water (you can also take 1 cup milk and 1 cup water)

Heat 2 tbsp ghee and roast the gram flour till the color changes. Add the milk / water to the flour and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Add sugar / jaggery and mix till it dissolves. Add the remaining ghee and mix till it becomes a lump. Serve in bowls. 
Optional- You can add some raisins and roasted nuts and also some cardamom.
To my halwa, I added 1 cup semolina / rava / sooji and 1 cup besan. 

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