Wednesday, September 7, 2011

F for Fresh Fruit Curries and contests!

Charitha of Women's era has given me this opportunity to host the Alphabet series Recipes. This is going to be my first event!

I am guest- hosting ARS Series- F for Fruit Curries. The event runs from 10 Sep to 10 Oct 2011. The round up will be posted in a week after the event closes on 10 Oct.

We all know that including fruits in our diet is the surest way to a healthy body. So why not use fruits in meals and curries? So readers, I am looking forward to your mouth-watering recipes with fruits!

Here are some rules that you should keep in mind-
  • Make a curry (dry or gravy) using any fruit. Soups will also qualify. 
  • Desserts with fruits do not qualify for this event.
  • Both veg and non-veg recipes are allowed. 
  • Use of logo will be awesome, it will give me some much needed PR!
  • Please link your post to Charitha's announcement page and this announcement.
  • Archived entries are accepted too, reposted with links as mentioned above.
  • Non bloggers can also email their entries. 
Send them to me at richapriyanka at gmail dot com in the following format-
Your Name
Your Blog name and URL-
Your Dish
Dish's URL
Pic resized to 300 x 300 pixels
Location- this is needed for the contest (Yes there is a contest too!)

And here is your chance to win some cool collage mugs with the logo and picture of your choice!!

The event will also have a contest and prizes for winners. Though the event is open for all, the prizes are open for India only.  To be eligible for the prizes, this is what you need to do-
  • Publicly follow my blog
  • Send in your recipe for the event
  • Pl post a comment too to ensure I do not miss you! 
There will be 2 prizes which I will choose-
The most innovative recipe
The recipe with the best pic

The prizes will be collage mugs from Print360, which will include the logo of our event and a pic of thew winner's choice. Print 360 is run by Deepak and Sukhi, two promising entrepreneurs from my college, IBS Mumbai. The expenses for both the prizes will be borne by me along with any shipping charges. I am not going to get any compensation from Print 360 for any of this.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking, and send me those delish recipes!

For some ideas, refer to these posts-
Raw banana parathas

The pic in the logo is courtesy my friend, Karthik. You can check out his Flickr stream here. My younger brother helped convert the pic into this wonderful logo. Thanks Kshitij! He is a wonderful artist, check out his works.


  1. happy hosting do check out the event food palette series rainbow colours as well
    will send to your event

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  4. Nice event... Will try to send my entries...

  5. Hi Richa...this is a lovely event too....Will Pulao's qualify? Do visit my page which is fairly new....:-)

  6. Thanks Richa for the clarification. Have entered my mom's recipe - Sweet Pineapple Pulao for the event. Below is the link and the recipe is contributed by Shyamala Sivaraman. Shall see if we can post a couple of more recipes. Thanks and here is the link.

  7. Hey Happy Hosting, will try to send my entries :)

  8. I have a recipe in mind for this event. I will definitely post it before the deadline.

  9. One quick question Richa- Is the raw form of the fruit allowed[like raw mango]?

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  14. Hey Richa!! This really is a unique event and kudos to you for taking so much effort into making the contest so exciting for everyone :) Am following you and mailing you my entry!

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  20. Don't know how I missed this event :I only have 10 or more recipes I would like to share for this event -can i still send my entries?