Tuesday, January 4, 2011

aloo dum- my style

With yashi falling sick on the 1st Jan, all our day was spent running around to visit docs. It has been long since I sat infront of the comp to write some stuff. I have been longing to add recipes to my blog, and to write some phone reviews and some book reviews. Now that she is sleeping, I can write a bit before tiredness overtakes my excitement to blog!

Now before that happens, I want to add the aloo dum recipe I tried that night we had unexpected visitors- Manoj and Vikram. Vikram is a picky eater and I didnt want to make something very experimental and decided to stick with aloo dum, since my cook was postponing making it everyday.

The price of onions are skyrocketing and I decided to use not more than 2 onions. Similar was the case with tomatoes!Now you can imagine the dilemma- how can aloo dum be tasty without onions and tomatoes!! But my experiment was successful! Here is the recipe-

Small potatoes, boiled and peeled and poked with a fork
Soak them in warm salt water for half an hour. If you are pressed for time, like I was, boil them in salt water fr 5 mins.

Heat oil, add jeera and some khara garam masala (tej patta, elaichi and laung)
Add potatoes. Puree the tomatoes. Most people like to fry the potatoes separately, but that makes the dum very oily, yuck.

Add ginger garlic and chilly paste to your taste. Add haldi, dhaniya and some powdered garam masala.

Crush some cashew and almond to powder and add. I didnt have the time to blend them, else soaked poppy seeds and this powder blended into a paste like consistency will make the gravy rick and thick! I will try this next time.

Fry for a bit and then add water. Let the dum cook for a bit, simmer on gas for 15 mins or so and let the potatoes absorb the gravy. Add enough water. (Sorry I don't have measures, i follow the rule of my thumb!)

Aloo dum is ready! Garnish with coriander leaves etc. Serve with pulav or rotis.

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