Friday, January 21, 2011

Asmaan se gire aur khajur me atke!

I was using a Toshiba laptop. I bought it from Creative Infotech, Manipal Centre, Bangalore in March 2009.They said they had given us a deal, but it wasn't really so. They did not give me the Windows serial number (Not that it bothered me, since I use Ubuntu, thanks to Niket!) But I am facing a problem while selling it.

Sometime by the end of its first year, I called the sales guys to check if i can extend the warranty further. They said the warranty was renewable only while buying it and not later. WTF, I thought.
Some days after that, the hinge which connects the screen to the keyboard broke. I called the toshiba customer care and they gave me a Koramangala service center no and a Ticket no.
inTarvo Technologies Limited#6/A,AVS Compound,Ejipura, 80 Ft Road,Koramangala Bangalore – 560 034.080-41312700

I called these guys- Intarvo technologies. (their bloody site never loads) We carried the laptop to their centre, They checked, took an advance of 5k and sent us back saying they would call me when the parts arrived.

These guys were so unprofessional. They did not give me any ref no, every time I called them I would have to tell them about the history. And they never called me, i called them every week for 3 months and they still had not got the parts from Toshiba. Stinky. In the end, the customer lost. Parts werent received and I asked for a refund after this long a wait. The refund was given immediately after exchanging few emails.

After all this drama, and after our anger subsided a bit (it took a few months) I took the laptop to a small repair shop in jayanagar 4th block called web nirnaya. This guy repaired it and at lesser cost too. He was quite prompt in service and called me to inform abt the cost involved, got a go ahead and then called me after the work was done.

Toshiba definitely lost one customer for its bad service.

I would also like to question Sachin Tendulkar, who is such a perfectionist, about his agreeing to do their ads. It is spoiling his image.

I would also ask Toshiba to learn the art of customer service from this small repair shop. What's in a bloody name?

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And i said khajur me atke- read on!

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