Friday, December 2, 2016

Grapefruit marmalade- pressure cooker and super quick !

Grapefruit marmalade made in the instant pot :-)
Ingredients -
1 large grapefruit sliced and bigger seeds removed
1 cup water or minimum that's needed for the cooker to come to pressure
double the amount of sugar
(if the grapefruit is 1 cup, you need 2 cups sugar) I used 4

place the slices and water in pressure cooker. Steam for 10 mins. I used steam function on my instant pot. Let it NR naturally release pressure. Open and give it a good mix. Also savor in your house smelling so good with that citrusy flavor ๐Ÿ˜€
Add double the quantity of sugar. Check taste. Keep in sautรฉ mode for about 10 minutes and do not allow to stick to bottom. Since I didn't remove the pith mine was slightly bitter but still yummy !
There is another way to do this and I couldn't do that beCause my grapefruit was halved already -
if you are using a whole grapefruit, steam it whole in the pressure cooker and discard the water. This will remove the bitterness but will take time to thicken. You can also peel and remove the white pith for sweeter taste. 

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