Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kiwi marmalade In the instant pot!

We got kiwis in bulk from Costco and they turned out sour ๐Ÿ˜ก We tried keeping them on the counter for about a week with no change. Then it was time to turn them to a pulp. 

On the left is a pic of the rose mithai that Niket got from his colleague from Iran. I had never tasted these earlier and they were awesome !

Ingredients - 
Kiwis- about 10
Sugar - 1.5 times quantity of kiwi pulp
Chop the kiwis. Most recipes I checked called for peeling which I was too lazy to do. I first steamed them in the instant pot. I added some water to the chopped kiwis and steamed for 3 minutes, Natural release. 
Once the pressure was released, I added the sugar , stirring until disolved. I let this mix be on saute for a while- maybe about 15-20 mins. It turned a dark brown as the sugar caramelised. Switch off and let it cool before keeping in jars. We finished this in about 10 days.


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