Friday, July 1, 2011

Mango halwa

I have lots of mangoes everyday from my neighbour's tree whose branches hang over our fence. That evening, I created magic with sooji and mangoes!

Here's my recipe-
2 cups mango pulp (can be blended, I didn't need to, since the mangoes fall and blend themselves!)
1/2 cup semolina / sooji / rava
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsps ghee
1 cup water
Optional for garnish- roasted cashews, raisins etc.

Heat a wok, add semolina and roast without the ghee. The semolina roasts evenly like this. If you add ghee before adding the sooji, it sticks together and does not brown uniformly. Once it changes color, remove on a plate.
Heat the water in a deep pan and add the sugar to it. Cook for a couple of mins till it gets a thicker consistency. To this syrup, add the semolina and the mango pulp. Mix well. Keep on stirring in between till it is done. Takes aboout 8-10 mins or more. Add the ghee and mix well to combine. Add the garnish on top and serve warm or cold.

Sending this to Mango recipes event hosted by Dr. Sameena.

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