Monday, July 11, 2011

Grilled chicken in my Sandwich Maker

Today I used my sandwich maker to make grilled chicken. It turned out crisp and brown, just the way we love it!

My recipe-
Chicken- small pieces, washed, cleaned, marinated with turmeric, salt and steamed
(use the pressure cooker or steamer basket in the rice cooker)
Parsley, oregano- 1 tsp each
Mustard sauce- 1 tsp
Lemon juice from half a lemon
Olive oil

Grease the sandwich maker generously using olive oil. Keep the chicken pieces in the pockets, turn on the heat. Let them turn crisp, I shut the lid and let them be for 10 mins. The aroma was awesome, and so was the taste. Serve hot. I think they would taste yummy with some green pudina chutney.


  1. awesome thank u !! was looking for some ways to make use of my sw grill . now i can easily grill chicken breast which i use as low carb food for bodybuilding :)

  2. Should I cook the chicken first ?

  3. If you use only chicken breast then you don't even need to steam / cook. You shd however marinate it with turmeric, salt, lemon and some spices, and leave it for an hour or overnight. 15 mins before grilling, use abt 1 tbsp thick curd and mix well. Grill.

  4. This is so phenomenal!!! You really did a super job with the grill sandwich maker! Great job getting it all to come together. I think to buy online grill sandwich maker.

  5. Thanks you for your idea.very helpful.