Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Panch phoran - five spices

The origin of Panch phoran would be Oriya or Bengali I think. It is increasingly used in Bihar and UP as well. 
Five spices are mixed in equal proportions and this is used for tempering in all dishes and also dry-roasted and powdered on some, like raita / mango chutney.

The five spices that are used are-

Fennel seed / saunf
Fenugreek  / methi
Cumin / jeera
Nigella / kalonji
Mustard / rai (black or brown)
To my Panch phoran I also add white / black or both types of sesame seed / til as well so it becomes a mix of six spices.

Til / sesame has several health benefits, it is a rich source of copper, magnesium and calcium.

Mix them all in equal proportions and store. 

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