Thursday, May 5, 2011

mango custard with semiyan

The Fun N Sun event has been announced by Tickling palettes for her Blog's 3rd birthday! Check out her blog here. Look at the lovely logo for the event Fun N Sun!
I am sending my entry Mango with Semiyan (Now writing that reminds me of Delhi!! haha)

1 bowl custard semiyan
As posted earlier here- Custard Sewiyan
I have made it with vanilla flavored custard.

Pulp of one mango either blended or crushed with a potato masher

Cool the custard, keep it refrigerated till serving. After you have blended the mango, store it till serving in the fridge too.
Mix them well before serving. Adjust sugar if mango is not too sweet. Serve chilled as dessert or morning breakfast with muesli or evening snack too!

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  1. this is such a yummy and innovative dessert!