Friday, May 6, 2011

gwar (gavar) ki phalli ki sabzi / cluster beans veggie

Did you ever think there could be a veggie called Gavar? I thought it would only be people!!
Some days back I went on a back with Silvi, Yashi's nanny and Yashi. We saw this veggie being sold and I have never made this myself. I asked Silvi if she knew and she said she would tell me how to do it. I bought 200 gms of this veggie.

Silvi cleaned it - tops and tails removed and broken into 1" pieces. I nuked it for a couple of mins before cooking on stove.

While searching on the net for Gorekai, that is what Gavar is called in Kannada, I found this and this.
Looks like these beans are rich in protein, soluble fibre and also helps in reducing cholestrol levels.


200 gms gwar ki phali/cluster beans (tops, tails removed, cooked in micro with a bit of water for 4-5 mins)
2-3 tbsp oil
1 tsp panch phoran
1 heaped tbsp besan or gram flour
1 tsp each of turmeric and coriander powder
1 onion, 1 tomato chopped
salt to taste
1 tsp lemon juice


Heat oil in a pan. Add panch phoran, add onion and fry till translucent. Now add besan and fry till it turns color. Add tomato, salt, and the dry spices. Cook for a couple of mins. Now add beans along with the water and cover and cook. When the beans are done, add lemon juice, turn off flame, stir and keep covered for a couple of mins.

Serve warm with rotis.

The beans are slightly bitter in taste so I think adding a bit of coconut also would add to the flavor.

I am sending this to MLLA 35 hosted by Kannada cuisine with renewed gusto and energy!
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  1. Hi Richa

    Thanks for your delightful entry. Love Gorikayi. We make as often as time permits..

    Smitha @kanndacuisine