Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tamatar-Khajoor ki chutney{Tomato-Date chutney}

Veggiefoodie: Tamatar-Khajoor ki chutney{Tomato-Date chutney}

Sometime back I got 2 kg tomatoes for 15 rupees! I never make tomato chutney cos I hate to use the food processor. My kitchen is small and I usually keep it on one of the racks. SO taking it out, plugging it, using it, cleaning it ad putting it back is too much effort. But now that I had tomatoes and was running short on green veggies, I felt it was a good time to use them up to make chutney.
Tomato chutney is made frequently when my MIL is here cos Niket loves it (I think he loves whatever ma will make). I have the recipe from her, but this idea of using dates is mainly Soni's :) (Check the link above)

My MIL's recipe-

10 tomatoes
5-7 dates, seeds removed and soaked in water
salt to taste
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp methi for tempering
1 tbsp jaggery
handful of raisins

Wash tomatoes, remove tops and pressure cook along with dates (and the water included) Be sure to add 1 generous tbsp of water. I forgot this step and my tomatoes and dates had a burnt smell (which both of us loved anyway) and pressure cook for one whistle. Let cool. Put them all in the blender and give then 2-3 whisks. I don't remove the peels. If you blend them well, the peels get blended too, and the chutney gets thicker soon (I am really impatient with standing near the stove and cook stuff for half an hour just to make it thick!)
Heat oil in a kadahi or wok, add methi / fenugreek seeds. Let splutter, add the blended mix and let cook for a couple of mins. Add jaggery (The jaggery gives a lovely color to the chutney, you can use sugar too). Cook for a couple of mins. Add raisins, stir and turn off flame. Transfer contents to a serving bowl. Serve cooled. 

Chutney will stay in the fridge for 4-5 days, if it is left that long :) Makes a good side dish for any meal.


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