Saturday, October 15, 2016

Easy kadhi in the instant pot using Pot in pot or PIP method

Easy kadhi in the instapot using Pot in pot or PIP method -
Ingredients -
1/2 cup besan
1 cup yogurt
Water as needed
Jaggery or sugar
Tadka- curry leaves , mustard seeds, asafetida
Recipe :
In blender add ginger garlic, yogurt, Besan, salt, jaggery and turmeric, blend.
Pour this in your pot. Add water to the main pot and keep the small pot on the trivet and keep in the main pot.
Keep in steam mode for 10 mins.
Before serving, make a tadka of oil or ghee with mustard seeds or cumin seeds and curry leaves. If you want a thicker kadhi can also add onion tomatoes.
If you have the patience add onion pakodas or boondi. We serve as a side dish to roti and sabzi.