Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do you think Steve Jobs was overhyped?

For some reason, Steve Jobs fails to inspire me.I think he was a ruthless businessman who gave more improtance to his products than his employees. Did you not hear about him firing his whole team after the iphone 4 launch, because the market did not respond well!? He definietly had a good understanding of the market and that is how Apple is linked to the Purple Cow strategy. Purple cow strategy, the term coined by Seth Godin, in his book of the same name, is not about giving consumers what they want but about aiming for those passionate people who will help in spreading the message about the product.All people who stand in queues for Ipads and Iphones, they are not there for Apple, but they are there because these gadgets helps them make a statement. Apple's marketing strategy feeds on this impression! He never gave money to charity and charged a premium for his products and made restrictive technology sound cool. I respect him for what he has done as an entrepreneur, but I stop there. It's not right to compare him to Edison, for God's sake!


  1. Hi. I agree about not comparing him to Edison :)
    Check out this comparison too:

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  2. Sorry I never got why people thought this tech thief was so great or why paying high prices for slave made products you couldn't even change the battery on was cool.