Tuesday, November 20, 2012


2 tablespoons rice powder, roasted till color turns slightly brown
1 cup leftover rice - optional
3/4 litre milk
Raisins/nuts as needed
Sugar as needed
Bring milk to a boil
Add some water to rice powder and make a paste. You can mix the rice powder directly but that may give you lumps so best to avoid it.
Add the paste to the boiling milk and simmer. Keep stirring else phirni may stick to bottom of the vessel. When it has reached a desired consistency switch off flame, it will thicken further on cooling, add sugar and raisins and nuts. Mix well. Serve chilled or serve warm for quick comfort!


  1. Phirni looks so easy to make, but I know its tough to pull off the perfect flavor and consistency. This looks really yummy :)